Friday, August 11, 2017

Therapee reviews - All That You Want To Know About The Solution To Your Child’s Bedwetting Issue

Bed-wetting or Nocturnal Enuresis is a common symptom among children below age 5 or 6. If it's hereditary, then the issue will resolve itself in time, but if it’s not, then there is a specific treatment that will help the patient. There are multiple bed wetting solutions, but the best one by far is the Behavioural treatment. This Treatment involves the modification of the particular behaviour of the patients to stop the bedwetting process.

Before starting the process make sure that the doctor’s rule out any medical conditions or emotional problems from the list associated with bedwetting. This program needs dedication from the side of the patient as well as on behalf of a parent as well. One can try for Dr Sagie’s ‘Therapee treatments’. The Therapee reviews are all organic and thus can promise you guaranteed results when it comes to treating nocturnal enuresis.

However, it is to be noted that for any treatment to be successful, commitment and motivation are the sheer requirements both from parent as well as child side.

Behavioural Modifications

Positive reinforcement:

Whenever the child doesn’t wet the bed, she/he will be rewarded with a point or sticker for his/her achievement. They can claim the prize after gathering some special stickers.

Awakening Programs

It involves two types of awakening programs:  Self-awakening and parent-awakening

The self-awakening program is for those children who can wake up at night and are capable of using the toilet but don’t use it.

How it works

One of the technique is to make the child habituate of using the toilet before going to bed along with rehearsing the same at day time such as whenever they need the urge to urinate, they should go to bed and pretend to sleep, wait for few minutes and then go to the toilet again. If the child is troubled learning self-wakening approach, then the parents or the caregiver should help the kids by waking them up at a specified timing to assist them to the bathroom.

Such ways of bedwetting treatment have shown many positive results on almost all of the patients. At the clinic of Dr Sagie Clinics your child will get best bed wetting solutions thereby eliminating the disease completely.

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