Monday, December 26, 2016

Therapee reviews - Get Bedwetting Solution

The problem of bedwetting is common with very old people and even with young children. However, bedwetting is sometimes seen in people of other age groups as well, which becomes a serious issue if left unattended. Generally, people who suffer from bedwetting problem are not very comfortable to discuss this issue among public. But the family or people around the person who is suffering from bedwetting problem should be supportive enough to give them confidence and bring remedy for this serious problem.

Although there are many solutions in the market for bedwetting problem, many are far from being effective and do not provide long term solution. The good news is that there is one very effective solution named as ‘Therapee’. For people who have trouble with bedwetting can trust Therapee, which promises to offer incredibly successful and long term solution to this unpleasant experience.

Mainly an online-based service platform, Therapee uses effective measures and methods combined with videos, pre-recorded alarms, and interactive processes, through proper tools and necessary guidance to fight against the bedwetting problem.

Therapee treats the problem of bedwetting with unique approach of videos and data collected from patients through algorithms. The special alarm feature is very helpful in conditioning the patient of his/her bedwetting tendencies and is very safe. At first, one might have difficulty in comprehending the solution system of Therapee, but in reality, it is completely user-friendly.

The videos are chosen through algorithms based on the input and data collected from the patients. The alarm feature is totally safe and there is no possibility of its coming in contact with the child. Initially the process of bed wetting treatment might sound complicated, but in reality it is extremely user friendly.

How Long Do You Need Therapee?

At the online site of Therapee, they say that to complete the Therapee program for a child, it might take around three to five months. But if you go through some of the positive Therapee reviews, you would see that many children got completely cured within a span of only 2 months. But at times, you may find a few patients who took around 6 months to get rid of the bedwetting problem. At first, there might be some difficulty to get used to the Therapee program, but with a little patience and determination shown both from the patient and family members, one can definitely expect life changing result from the treatment process of Therapee.

Therapee program has not only proven successful as evident in the Therapee Reviews, but is also a cost-effective solution as it saves those hundreds of dollar bills that gets spent on beds, mattresses and diapers. Moreover, it also cuts off excess waste from the environment.

Success of Therapee program

From the very start of Therapee program, patients have been encountering positive results and are therefore, quite happy with Therapee. With their consistent success with the bedwetting program, the comment section of this online service has been flooded with positive Therapee reviews from many happy patients and their families.

Thursday, December 22, 2016

Therapee reviews - Now Your Child Can Sleep In Peace

Most children are toilet trained by the age of four. Some might still wet their beds during night time which slowly subsides. Bedwetting is a typical problem and is found to be more prevalent in boys, with two-thirds of the enuretics being males. The disparity comes from the fact that girls generally mature earlier than boys. There is also a unanimous agreement among the medical community that bedwetting is hereditary. 75 % of the parents who come seeking bedwetting treatment for their children, have been bed-wetters themselves, and the same goes up the family ladder.

Bedwetting is basically a malfunction of the reflex system and happens during slates of very deep sleep, wherein signal from the filled bladder to the brain is lost and instead of contracting, the sphincter muscles of the bladder relax resulting in passage of urine.

Bedwetting does make parents worry and obviously puts the child through a lot, but the good news is, it is treatable. There are several advertisements available on the internet, by physicians promising bedwetting treatment, devices that make similar claims and good old grandma’s remedies. Most of these are ineffective. Especially the alarm systems are not the ideal remedies for enuresis, because they need to be positioned inside the child’s underwear and having a radio transmitting device attached to a child’s genitalia is certainly not safe. Sometimes these do not even function correctly due to various factors and also pose a risk of corrosion.

Therapee, founded by Dr Sagie, provides the ultimate solution to bedwetting problems. Therapee believes that the first step in an approach towards accurate treatment is; understanding the child. Empathy and support does add a lot to the treatment. Knowing the underlying cause is not enough. Every child needs to be approached differently. Bedwetting Therapee Reviews are a testimony to the excellent amount of care that is offered to your child.

Unlike conventional alarms, Dr Sagie’s ‘Stopee’, functions towards conditioning the child’s reflex instead of waking him up. It trains the subconscious to establish a connection between involuntary passage of urine due to an alarm response and waking up to use the toilet.  Sometimes the child might not wake up, in which case exercises are prescribed to condition the reflex.Therapee aims at using an alarm system for not more than 5-6 months. A time period beyond this gets the child used to the alarm and makes treatment ineffective.

Bedwetting treatment for every patient depends on a variety of factors like frequency, age, gender etc. moreover every patient responds differently to treatment. Hence, Therapee offers customized bedwetting treatment for their patients. Different scenarios are encountered with different patients during the course of treatment. With an experience of having treated more than 30,000 patients, Dr Sagie’s clinic has gathered years of experience and are fully equipped to tackle any situation arising during the course of treatment. Every response is recorded and the data generated is analysed in order to select the best approach.

A customized approach is what makes Therapee stand out from the crowd. Therapee aims at providing a complete and permanent solution to your child’s bedwetting problems. Your worries are dealt with, with or logic.

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Choose Therapee reviews for Your Bed Wetting Solutions

Nobody wants to wake up in their wet pajamas for sure. But this nuisance can happen to some, other than old people and very young children. Not less than a nightmare, this unpleasant situation poses many inconveniences and even humiliation. Bedwetting over 3 years of age is not considered normal and in such a scenario one needs to have a proper treatment to get rid of this embarrassing problem. Posing a major hindrance to the day to day activities, one needs serious solution with bedwetting problem.

The underlying problem associated with bedwetting is the inability to realize the urge to urinate. Normal people possess the sensation to make them realize the need to urinate when the brain tells that the bladder is full. This clock usually gets activated within the age of three in almost every human child. However, there are children who take time to develop this biological clock and as a result face this unpleasant bedwetting problem.

Bed Wetting Solutions with Therapee

Therapee is an established online service system that provides satisfying smiles to millions of faces with their smart and effective bedwetting solutions. Therapee incorporates advanced high-tech software to fight against the problem of bedwetting, which skillfully works to develop the psychological system of the patient. The Therapee program involves pre-recorded videos, alarm, and interactive sessions to collect sufficient data from the patient that helps in the curing process. The alarm of Therapee is completely safe and works when it gets in contact with the drops of urine. The alarm uses 3 different ways to condition the biological clock of the patient and can be used according to one’s own convenience. This routine alarm eventually conditions the child’s mind to wake up whenever there is an urge to urinate.

Supporting Tools

Along with the alarm, Therapee also uses pre-recorded videos to make the program more effective and foolproof. The videos virtually track the progress of the patient after he/she provides the required details. The videos work excellently by monitoring whether the program is working successfully on the patient or not. According to the many Therapee reviews, this customized tracking of the progress has proven really helpful and effective towards the treatment of bedwetting problem.

Providing cost-effective and environment-friendly solution, Therapee has helped numerous patients and their families to get rid of this embarrassing problem. The positive Therapee reviews online surely reveals that Therapee works!!

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