Friday, October 14, 2016

Therapee reviews - Say Goodbye To The Morning Wet Bed

Waking up with wet pajamas and bed sheet can turn out to be a nightmare for every child. And for parents, such a situation will make them worry about how to stop this. Bed wetting till the age of 3 is considered as very normal phenomenon of the child’s development. But once they cross 3 years this becomes an issue of concern. This problem can hold back the children from enjoying their childhood. Some children are restrained from going on a school trip or a stay at their friend’s place, as they will be humiliated if their friends know about their bed wetting problem.

The Basic problem of bed wetting is the absence of ability to realize the sensation to urinate. This is a kind of biological clock which automatically gets programmed to recognize the need to urinate when the brain realizes that the bladder is full. This is programmed in every child at the early developmental stage before the age of three. But for certain children this takes time, as their body does not know how to set the program. This can be sorted through bed wetting treatment.


Therapee is a high-Tec software oriented bedwetting treatment, which is designed to set the psychological system through the alarm. The user can choose from 3 different alarm systems according to their need – the first model has a body connected buzzer, the second has wireless buzzer and the third with bell and pad type. The purpose of the alarm is to wake up the user when it senses moisture. A single drop of urine is sufficient to initiate the buzz. This sound of the alarm works in 2 ways - one it gives the child a sudden sense of shock which helps to stop urination and the second - it will alert the parents to take the child to toilet to complete his urination. This routine successfully implants in the child, the urge to wake up when their bladder is full.

Supporting add-ons

To make this treatment more successful, they provide with videos for clarity. All the doubts were answered in a detailed version.  When logged on with the given login details, there is a facility to track the child’s progress virtually. This provides a clear picture whether the treatment customized is working for the child or not, and what is the improvement necessary for a successful result. Many therapee reviews have suggested that the virtual tracking is really helpful as they can see the progress, which gives them a positive feeling about the treatment. Psychological counseling is also provided for the parents to have a positive attitude throughout the treatment. This also aids the children to realize that bed wetting is not their fault to feel ashamed about, and this can be cured.

Therapee has assisted many children and their parents to come out of the embarrassment faced due to bed wetting. Therapee reviews ascertain the success of the program and prove that it works!!

Therapee reviews - Awake up with Therapee Bedwetting Alarm

Bed wetting is a critical problem faced by many parents of the toddlers. It is not just a simple problem of the inability to control urine. It holds a deep psychological impact on the children. Bed wetting, sometimes is portrayed as a sin by many parents.  Many were treated harsh or blamed for not realizing to get up and reach bathroom to urinate. But these results in a negative impact on the children, which can become a root cause for the psychological problem like low self-esteem. Children feel embarrassed to look at their parents when they realize that they were in their own urine… again. To prevent children from getting ashamed and from losing their self-esteem, it is better to seek help before it is too late.

Therapee, is successfully providing high tech software alarms to aid this problem. It is a current successful program which has helped many parents and children, whose were mentally tormented by this bedwetting problem. It is a combination of set of videos to instruct about the protocol of the program, alarm system, and a virtual chart to track the progress of the child. A thorough analysis of the child’s mannerism is made before customizing a special program for the each child when they are enrolled in Therapee reviews program. The children in the age group of 4-18 are the main patients who under take this alarm system.

Alarm System

The alarm system is programmed to buzz immediately when it senses moisture in the bed. The sudden buzzing of the alarm will stop their urination. The alarm also aids the parents to wake up their kid and take them to the toilet to empty their bladder. This daily routine for around 3-4 months will help the children register in their deep subconscious mind to wake up from their sleep and seek toilet to urinate.

Other Facilities

The child is provided with counseling with the psychologist, who helps them to come out of their awkwardness and embarrassment. This prevents them from harboring dark scars due to this problem.  Along with the alarm system, the children are even taught exercises to strength their bladder muscles for better control of the urination. The set of pre-recorded videos provide the users with better understanding to handle the problem. The progress and development of the child are recorded at every step, which helps to study the child’s psychology and help in strategizing better, to achieve the goal. Your every question can find their answer in the FAQs, which are a part of the treatment.
As no medications are introduced in this program, it is considered safe. It is just psychologically programming the children to realize their sense to urinate. The Therapee reviews suggest that it is a very efficient treatment, which has proved beneficial and has fulfilled its promise to cease bed-wetting and help children to use the toilet. Contact for Therapee to provide your child a better sleep.

Friday, October 7, 2016

Therapee reviews – The Most Successful Bed Wetting Solution

Bedwetting, also known as sleep wetting is a sensitive and embarrassing condition for children. Most kids in the age group between 3 and 18 years old experience ‘bedwetting problem’ for long or short periods. Parents should always bear in mind to take an expert opinion and medical help if the problem persists despite trying home remedies.

Medical experts feel that chronic bedwetting is a nightly affair when the child is in deep sleep. Such a pattern can be broken by natural treatments. You can visit special bedwetting clinics, wherein the concerned child is provided safe and advanced treatment for breaking the cumbersome habit.

In some rare cases, bedwetting can be an indication of a serious health issue. However, the majority of the kids who wet the bed at night are perfectly healthy. It is just that he/she is not able to control his bladder habits that occur during the deep sleep period. It is a natural growing-up problem and the child must not be penalized or termed as lazy or difficult.
When your home remedies and prescription medical drugs fail to stop bedwetting, you can also go in for Therapee software, which is a wireless alarm system designed to prevent bedwetting. The best thing about Therapee bed wetting solution is that it has zero side effects.
Let us discuss some of the major advantages of Therapee software by Dr. Sagie:

1. It is the perfect choice for treating children in the age group of 4 to 18 years.

2. Web-based high effective software alarm.

3. Almost 95 percent success rate within a span of few months.

4. It helps the child follow a regular cycle so that he/she wakes up at a specific time during the night.

5. Children are not embarrassed as the treatment is carried out in the comfort zone of their bedrooms.

6. It is very affordable and costs less than any bedwetting treatment given in medical centers.

7. According to online Therapee reviews, it is one of the most successful forms of treatment (90%).

Therapee Online Reviews:

Therapee is highly interactive software that includes a hi-tech bedwetting alarm for solving bedwetting issues. Parents with bedwetting kids are quite happy with the program. They have been guided by the software via the audio and video counseling by experts. The alarm is simple and very convenient to use. Children feel more confident and get quality sleep at night, after being guided by the program. Not only kids, even adults suffering from bedwetting condition have been cured by the innovative Therapee software.