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Therapee reviews - Effective Solutions to Solve the Problem of Bedwetting

Often we hear about the problem of enuresis from worried parents. Psychologists believe that the problem arises from deep slumber and parents need to have the patience to deal with this problem effectively. Here are some fruitful solutions to help you cope with this problem effectively.

Effective Bedwetting Solutions

Address Stress-Related Problem: Many times bedwetting could be due to stress. The reason of the stress could be a life-changing situation that is the entry of a new family member, relocating your home, child abuse, bullying, etc. You have to try and find out the reason of the stress and then solve the problem.

Make your Child Realize the Consequence of Bedwetting: A good way of dealing with the problem of bedwetting is to make your child realize the problems associated with bedwetting. You can do this by involving her in changing the wet bed sheets. All the while remember to be gentle and sympathetic towards your child. Punishments can make her feel guilty and stressed out making the situation worse. Instead, if you make her realize the consequence of bedwetting, she can make a conscious effort to stay dry all night.

Reduce Liquid Intake before Bedtime: The main idea is to help your child stay dry all night. You can do this by limiting the amount of juice, water or any form of liquid a couple of hours before going to bed. Make sure your child does not have any liquid one 1-2 hours before hitting the bed.

Use of Alarms or Buzzers: Alarms are available in the market that you can attach to your child’s nightwear, which sets off as soon as it detects moisture so that he can rush to the toilet. The goal is to train his brain to wake up before he wets his bed.

These are some effective advice that can help you to tackle the bedwetting problem successfully. If you consider using alarms for this problem, Therapee is a leading-edge device, which you can purchase online from the e-stores for the bedwetting treatment. The device makes use of interactive software and alarm and its immense popularity is evident from the rave Therapee reviews of the patients across the globe.

Thursday, May 4, 2017

Therapee reviews - Fruitful Solutions to do Away with the Problem of Bedwetting

Bedwetting is an annoying habit many children suffer from. Punishing your child for this problem can create pressure on your child to remain dry.

This can only worsen the situation. You can deal with this problem in a different way.

Some Fruitful Bedwetting Solutions:

Consult an Enuresis Specialist: The best person who can offer suggestions for the problem of bedwetting is an Enuresis specialist. Discuss other health related problems of your child, such as urinary tract infection, stress or diabetes. These medical problems could be related to enuresis though most of the time there is no physical problem associated with bed wetting solutions. Nocturnal enuresis is just due to the delay of bladder control at night.

Encourage Emptying Bladder Before Going to Bed: Make sure your child empty her bladder by visiting the bathroom many times before going to bed at night. This may not cure the problem of bedwetting but it certainly would help your child to remain dry all night. Apart from frequent bathroom trips cut down your child’s fluid intake a couple of hours before going to bed.

Positive Incentive: Rewards and positive incentives work wonders for the problem of bedwetting. You can use a calendar or grid chart and give stickers to your child as an incentive to remain dry at night. To encourage the progress of your child, give her a toy or candy after he earns ten stickers. However, if your child still wets his bed, you should refrain from punishing him. Punishment would do more harm than good.

Check Constipation: Constipation can cause bedwetting. Make sure your child is not suffering from it. To solve the problem of constipation, incorporate more fruits and fiber in his diet. Encourage him to drink more water, juice, fruits and vegetables.

The above-mentioned suggestions can solve the problem of enuresis but if you do not get the satisfactory result, you can try the other options. For instance, Therapee is a cutting-edge device available online that can be used for the bedwetting treatment successfully. It is a combination of alarm and interactive software. The positive Therapee reviews from customers all over the world prove the success of this device in treating the problem of enuresis.

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Therapee reviews - To Resolve the Problem of Bedwetting

Many parents around the world worry about nocturnal enuresis when their 6 or 7-year old children still wet the bed at night. Generally, children develop bladder control by the age of 3-4 years but if they are not toilet trained by the age of 7 years, you need to address the issue promptly. An expert enuresis specialist can help you to toilet train your child if she is suffering from this problem.

You can also try the device named as Therapee, available in the e-stores to treat the problem of enuresis. It is a synthesis of creative web-based interactive software and StoPee™ or leading edge and safe bedwetting alarm. This state-of-the-art device is ideal for the ages 4-18 years. With the help of the Internet and interactive portal personal care is offered to patients at an economical cost.

The device is tailor-made for the users. Through the activation code, the users can gain access to a child’s virtual chart and progress report. The user can log onto the Therapee program online to meet the therapist. Through the video clips, the therapist makes a patient knowledgeable about the vexing habit of bedwetting. He offers suggestions and guides the patient through the entire course of the bedwetting treatment that can take about 14-16 weeks. This user-oriented modern age device monitors the progress of the patients. Based on the progress therapists suggests various exercises to the patients to strengthen his bladder muscles and increase his bladder capacity.

Therapee is a commendable device that is provided with a host of FAQs to solve the enuresis problem. The rave online Therapee reviews show the immense popularity of this device. The video sessions offered by this device at a 2-week interval with the enuresis specialist educates patients about the vexing problem of bedwetting and the causes related to it.

Thus, Therapee is the best answer to the worldwide problem of bedwetting. It has a high success rate of over 90% in less than 3 months. Moreover, this device is easily available at the e-stores and helps in the treatment if bedwetting at a fraction of the price needed for the enuresis treatment in the clinics. Thus, affordability, effectiveness, and convenience make it a highly desirable device to treat this alarming problem.

Monday, May 1, 2017

Online Therapee reviews - A Futuristic Device to Solve Bedwetting Problem

Bed wetting is a part of growing up. Most of the children outgrow this habit by the age of 3–4 years. It is during this time a child develops control over his bladder but if the problem persists beyond the age of 7 years, he needs to seek medical help. With an effective bedwetting treatment, this problem can be solved.

Among the many solutions available these days to treat the problem of bedwetting or enuresis, the cutting-edge Therapee device is one of the best. It is an amalgam of newfangled web-based software and the leading-edge alarm. This futuristic device is designed in an awesome way to offer optimum level of comfort to all the patients throughout the world. This new age device makes use of the Internet and interactive portal to provide optimum care to patients at a cost-effective price.

The program of Therapee is personalized for each and every user and it works on the information offered about a child, such as his age, frequency of bedwetting, day control, etc. On the basis of this information, experts develop complicated algorithms that can give a similar response to the ones offered at the clinics. The device permits the users access to the activation code so that she can gain access to all the virtual charts that follow the progress of a child and provides personal suggestions and encouragement. As soon as the user logs onto a program, he/she can meet her therapist through the video clips who guides the patients through the irritating habit of enuresis. The Therapee device is user-oriented and helps in monitoring the bedwetting treatment and patients are given exercises accordingly to augment their bladder capacity and strengthen their muscles.

The positive bedwetting Therapee reviews show the immense popularity and success of this device that is used for the treatment of enuresis. The video sessions offered by this Therapee device at 2-week intervals are fruitful as the patient acquires adequate knowledge and suggestions from an enuresis specialist about the problem. Moreover, the device is incorporated with an array of FAQs for the benefit of the patients. With the help of this device, the patients become well acquainted with the causes that give rise to the problem of enuresis.

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Therapee reviews - Things You Must Know

All the elementary school age children between age two to five are mainly suffering from bed wetting disorder. Parents are increasing their tension how to make their child free from this irritating disease. The perfect understanding starting from its causes, symptoms, enhancing factor and factors helping in decreasing the disorder will help them to cure this bed wetting problem fully. In this regard, following are five knowing facts about bed wetting.

1. Gender-

Bed wetting is found to be very common in male rather than girl child. Out of 100 bed-wetter cases mostly are boys. In short, out of three, every two third are males & one third are girls. Later after the age increases the bed wetting ration becomes same in both male & female. Explanation of this gender difference is girls mature earlier than boys.

The rate of maturity found in the case of girls is faster than males. Kids take much time to attain that maturity. Girls are more emotional by nature too than boys. So this psychological factor affects their maturity level than boys.

2. Genetic Factor-

Bed wetting is found to be a hereditary nature. It has been clearly found that this bed wetting nature is by reason of inheritance and eventually goes from parents to their offspring. On observation it has been found that the either of the parent had bed wetting disorder at their early stage. It demands for a bed wetting treatment for their child.

Having bed wetting as a hereditary nature is not a medical problem. It is the stage when a child is unable to recognize the signal that is sent from full bladder to the brain while sleeping. For which it undergoes bed wetting. Parents should make their child learn to contract their muscle compress to control. A deaf child relaxes bladder & starts to urinate excessively.

3. Knowing about Bedwetting Alarm-

There are different types of bedwetting alarm used for kids to prevent bedwetting. This bed wetting alarm is attached to child’s pant or wearing. This alarm works by making a sound in the reaction of the first drop of urine.

This in turn is interconnected with an electronic circuit. All of them are battery operated. The Bedwetting alarms are linked by a wire to a small sensor. This sensor attached to the wire is placed inside underwear near the child’s sexual organ.

4. Disadvantages of using bed alarm-

Even if bed wetting alarm is inexpensive, but it has disadvantages. Many of those alarms are not safe. If the sensor is made of metal, it can be damaged due to acidic nature of urine. This will cause many skin problem including itching too. While the child moves randomly in the bed it can cause irritation & skin rubbing.

Children are innocent they do not have any idea if something is attached to them. Unintentionally kids can try to remove this alarm. Blanket covering does not help the signal to work. As the blanket is covered, the alarm stays under it. So parents are unable to get the sound from the alarm.

5. Rewarding the child-

When a parent rewards a child it encourages them to learn more. Parents should make their child have a habit of going to the toilet before sleeping at night. This will help in decreasing bed wetting disorder. By changing wet sheet at interval contributes to give the dry night to the child. It will give a kid sleep well at night by avoiding bed wetting disorder.
In this regard, Bedwetting clinics is offering effective service which can be acknowledged from its bedwetting therapee reviews.

Monday, April 3, 2017

Therapee reviews - Know All About Enuresis

A good sleep keeps a person to stay fresh & healthy. If parents get up & find their child soaked in urine, they become frustrated & irritated. They often wonder how to solve this issue & whom to ask. This disease is known as enuresis. However, in the process, they come across many myths & misconception regarding enuresis. A perfect guide about enuresis will help the parents will cope with this problem. Following are the facts all should know about enuresis-

1. Some Facts about Enuresis-

In simple language, Enuresis is the biological term used for bedwetting. It is defined as involuntary & unsystematic urination after age four to five. It may be diurnal or nocturnal or may be both. An enuretic child is an individual who stays in a cycle of bed wetting both in daytime & night too. They are in a manner of bed wetting past an early stage.

So the parents take bed wetting as a tension enhancing disorder during childhood. It has been observed that a child is found to sleepy whole night without bed wetting between the ages two to four. The percentage of bedwetting decreases with the increasing age of a child.

2. The Category of Enuresis-

Enuresis can be well explained in two broad categories. One of them is Primary Enuresis & second category is Secondary Enuresis. Primary Enuresis is the stage that deals with the child who has never stopped bed wetting. It can be said that the bed wetting in initial stage stays for a short period.

Secondary Enuresis is the stage that deals with the child which relapses or repeat the bed wetting disorder after six months. From the majority of the population, it has been found that two percent of the whole population are bedwetters.

3. The Causes of Enuresis-

The first & most important fact is a child with enuresis disorder have minuscule functional bladder capacities. During daytime, those children produce the very less diuretic hormone. It is critical to be secreted. Deep sleeper child means the child is sleeping very deeply, is the first target of bed wetting.

However, this statement is taken as misconception by the researcher as there is no category of sleep. An enuretic child does not have different taste of sleep from a normal child sleep. Bed wetting in a majority of both parents & children causes distressing.

4. Lack of Physical Learning-

The most accurate & reliable reason of bed wetting is kids lack real learning. It is parent’s responsibility to make their child learn how to control their urination problem. Kids do not know how to control the muscles that are responsible for bed wetting. Parents need to make their children teach & speak when they are feeling excessive.

5. The Role of Allergies-

People think food allergies are a reason for bed wetting. Nothing is like those food allergies rarely affect bed wetting disorder of a child. Those children who take medicine for allergies has been found to wet the bed more when they are under medication. Children should avoid soda & chocolate rich in Caffeine.

For best results consult pioneer health experts like Bedwetting clinics where therapee reviews are coming good.

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Therapee reviews - Most Fruitful Way to Deal with Bedwetting

Bedwetting is a problem faced by many parents. The problem of bed wetting becomes alarming when a child starts wetting his bed beyond seven years of age. The Therapee device is an effective bedwetting alarm with advanced interactive web-based software that has been introduced by Dr. Sagie. He is a reputed Nocturnal Enuresis specialist, who has treated over 40,000 patients.

This progressive device has been able to treat successfully patients between 4 to 35 years. This system offers utmost care and comfort at personal level all around the world through an interactive portal and the Internet. Thus with the help of this device patients all over the globe can receive top-notch care at a minimal cost. It is a very effective device incorporated with newfangled features and available at an affordable price. The positive Therapee reviews from the customers around the globe suggest it is a cost-effective device that delivers 90% success rate.

Therapee program acquires information about the child to be treated and is custom-built for patient benefit. The device permits access to the users for code activation, so that they can gain access to the virtual charts and know about the progress of their children. This program offers encouragement, suggestions and personal advice that prove to be very beneficial for the users. When a user logs into the program, he/she meets the therapists in video clips, who explains about the alarming and vexing habit of bedwetting, its causes and how to effectively deal with this problem.

This user-friendly device aids in monitoring treatment of the child. The child is instructed by the therapist to do certain exercises to augment bladder capacity and strengthen the muscles of the bladder.

This device has been designed by the renowned nocturnal enuresis expert and the psychotherapist Dr. Jacob Sagie along with Nocturnal Enuresis specialist, Dr. Tal Sagie. Therapee program includes the informative and educative video sessions at the interval of two weeks with doctor. This futuristic device is very helpful for patients and educates them about this problem of bedwetting and the various causes associated with it. The device is available with a couple of FAQs that are beneficial for all the patients who are desperately coping with the problem of bedwetting.

This leading edge Therapee system uses most advanced bedwetting alarm and web-based interactive software. This system is based on the research work of leading enuresis specialists. The interactive software used in the Therapee System resembles the present face-to-face treatment of bedwetting. The specialists claim that complicated and sophisticated algorithms are incorporated in the Therapee program that generates a response very similar to ones that are given in clinics. System analyzes information provided by parents and algorithm chooses right response, which is given to patients through a series of video clips. Through these video clips therapists demonstrate assignments, give reinforcements and  present statistics.

Therefore, this effective, educative and informative Therapee device undeniably proves to be a cost-effective solution to the alarming bedwetting problem. The advanced features and new age software program make it a productive device for treating bedwetting in the most effective way.