Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Therapee reviews - Things You Must Know

All the elementary school age children between age two to five are mainly suffering from bed wetting disorder. Parents are increasing their tension how to make their child free from this irritating disease. The perfect understanding starting from its causes, symptoms, enhancing factor and factors helping in decreasing the disorder will help them to cure this bed wetting problem fully. In this regard, following are five knowing facts about bed wetting.

1. Gender-

Bed wetting is found to be very common in male rather than girl child. Out of 100 bed-wetter cases mostly are boys. In short, out of three, every two third are males & one third are girls. Later after the age increases the bed wetting ration becomes same in both male & female. Explanation of this gender difference is girls mature earlier than boys.

The rate of maturity found in the case of girls is faster than males. Kids take much time to attain that maturity. Girls are more emotional by nature too than boys. So this psychological factor affects their maturity level than boys.

2. Genetic Factor-

Bed wetting is found to be a hereditary nature. It has been clearly found that this bed wetting nature is by reason of inheritance and eventually goes from parents to their offspring. On observation it has been found that the either of the parent had bed wetting disorder at their early stage. It demands for a bed wetting treatment for their child.

Having bed wetting as a hereditary nature is not a medical problem. It is the stage when a child is unable to recognize the signal that is sent from full bladder to the brain while sleeping. For which it undergoes bed wetting. Parents should make their child learn to contract their muscle compress to control. A deaf child relaxes bladder & starts to urinate excessively.

3. Knowing about Bedwetting Alarm-

There are different types of bedwetting alarm used for kids to prevent bedwetting. This bed wetting alarm is attached to child’s pant or wearing. This alarm works by making a sound in the reaction of the first drop of urine.

This in turn is interconnected with an electronic circuit. All of them are battery operated. The Bedwetting alarms are linked by a wire to a small sensor. This sensor attached to the wire is placed inside underwear near the child’s sexual organ.

4. Disadvantages of using bed alarm-

Even if bed wetting alarm is inexpensive, but it has disadvantages. Many of those alarms are not safe. If the sensor is made of metal, it can be damaged due to acidic nature of urine. This will cause many skin problem including itching too. While the child moves randomly in the bed it can cause irritation & skin rubbing.

Children are innocent they do not have any idea if something is attached to them. Unintentionally kids can try to remove this alarm. Blanket covering does not help the signal to work. As the blanket is covered, the alarm stays under it. So parents are unable to get the sound from the alarm.

5. Rewarding the child-

When a parent rewards a child it encourages them to learn more. Parents should make their child have a habit of going to the toilet before sleeping at night. This will help in decreasing bed wetting disorder. By changing wet sheet at interval contributes to give the dry night to the child. It will give a kid sleep well at night by avoiding bed wetting disorder.
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Monday, April 3, 2017

Therapee reviews - Know All About Enuresis

A good sleep keeps a person to stay fresh & healthy. If parents get up & find their child soaked in urine, they become frustrated & irritated. They often wonder how to solve this issue & whom to ask. This disease is known as enuresis. However, in the process, they come across many myths & misconception regarding enuresis. A perfect guide about enuresis will help the parents will cope with this problem. Following are the facts all should know about enuresis-

1. Some Facts about Enuresis-

In simple language, Enuresis is the biological term used for bedwetting. It is defined as involuntary & unsystematic urination after age four to five. It may be diurnal or nocturnal or may be both. An enuretic child is an individual who stays in a cycle of bed wetting both in daytime & night too. They are in a manner of bed wetting past an early stage.

So the parents take bed wetting as a tension enhancing disorder during childhood. It has been observed that a child is found to sleepy whole night without bed wetting between the ages two to four. The percentage of bedwetting decreases with the increasing age of a child.

2. The Category of Enuresis-

Enuresis can be well explained in two broad categories. One of them is Primary Enuresis & second category is Secondary Enuresis. Primary Enuresis is the stage that deals with the child who has never stopped bed wetting. It can be said that the bed wetting in initial stage stays for a short period.

Secondary Enuresis is the stage that deals with the child which relapses or repeat the bed wetting disorder after six months. From the majority of the population, it has been found that two percent of the whole population are bedwetters.

3. The Causes of Enuresis-

The first & most important fact is a child with enuresis disorder have minuscule functional bladder capacities. During daytime, those children produce the very less diuretic hormone. It is critical to be secreted. Deep sleeper child means the child is sleeping very deeply, is the first target of bed wetting.

However, this statement is taken as misconception by the researcher as there is no category of sleep. An enuretic child does not have different taste of sleep from a normal child sleep. Bed wetting in a majority of both parents & children causes distressing.

4. Lack of Physical Learning-

The most accurate & reliable reason of bed wetting is kids lack real learning. It is parent’s responsibility to make their child learn how to control their urination problem. Kids do not know how to control the muscles that are responsible for bed wetting. Parents need to make their children teach & speak when they are feeling excessive.

5. The Role of Allergies-

People think food allergies are a reason for bed wetting. Nothing is like those food allergies rarely affect bed wetting disorder of a child. Those children who take medicine for allergies has been found to wet the bed more when they are under medication. Children should avoid soda & chocolate rich in Caffeine.

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