Friday, February 24, 2017

Therapee reviews - Bedwetting Solutions for Dry Nights

Having disturbed sleep with your child’s bedwetting? Don’t know how to stop this problem? Then this article is the right guide to ease your mind and probably give you the bedwetting solutions you desire.

Identify bedwetting

Bed wetting solutions being a normal case for infants and toddlers is only a problem when it creeps into older ages. Technically it is called Nocturnal Enuresis when children above 5 years persistently wet their bed during sleep. It is an involuntary action due to the malfunctioning of the reflex system while the child is unable to come out of deep sleep in event of full bladder.


Bedwetting can tend to cease in few cases but it is better to identify the problem and treat right away before it becomes an embarrassment for the child and parents. Dr. Sagie has founded Therapee as an ultimate bedwetting solution for kids and older children. Therapee treatment is a combination of Stopee alarm and interactive computer sessions with consulting doctor with the state of art software. Since its an online solution, patients all over the world can be benefitted by this treatment.

How it works

The Therapee program is customized for each patient. Once the patient enters their information, a web video and a therapist will come in touch explaining the process. Stopee is the arm used at nights to wake the deep sleep child on the onset of urination. Stopee comes with an alarm and a sensor pad which is positioned under the patient’s sheet avoiding any direct contact. Upon slight hint of wetness, the Stopee alarm sets off waking up the child and the caretaker.

This can be used for a period of 3 months and be followed upon if the child is still progressing. A consultation is fixed with the designated therapist every two weeks to monitor the progress of the patient. Therapee reviews have gained a lot of positive love from all over the world. The important thing to be remembered is that patient should be treated with love without shaming them. Therapee treatment is available at affordable prices for one and all.

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