Thursday, January 19, 2017

Bedwetting Therapee reviews – The Best Solution

Developmental milestones decide how the child progresses with age. For younger kids, urination is involuntary action. Bladder control is achieved as the age progresses. Up until 5 to 6 years, children wet their beds occasionally due to climate conditions or poor toilet training. Bedwetting is the clinical term if the kid wets the bed unintentionally for prolonged nights. It is to be noted that bedwetting kids are not lazy or disobedient. Parents should give support and reassurance to such kids and need to undertake treatment for them. Therapee, a bedwetting clinic has found an ultimate solution in treating such cases.

Cause for bedwetting:

Bedwetting may be a result of an underlying health condition or sometimes it runs in the family. Weak bladder muscles cannot contain urine and so leakages cause bedwetting in some. The problem is more pronounced in boys rather than girls. Bedwetting can also be the result of unresolved emotional issues sometimes. Most kids grow of it by the age of 6 but sometimes it lasts till teenage. Coping with bedwetting should be done with care and support. Embarrassing such kids will aggravate the issue but not subside it. Dry nights can be achieved by using Therapee, a bed wetting alarm.

How Therapee works:

Therapee offers customized treatment based on the individual’s problem. On buying Therapee kit you will be provided with a bedwetting alarm. Unlike conventional alarm, this gives access to STOPEE alarm which has two units. A control unit and sensor pad is provided to wake up the child. Normally bedwetting occurs when the child is in deep sleep state. If you place sensor pad under the bed sheet and connect it to alarm, the sensor detects wetness and activates the alarm which in turn helps the kid to wake up and use the bathroom. Repetition of this every night will activate the reflex system and helps to develop a subconscious connection to wake up.

STOPEE alarm is safe and free of radiation. It is designed with 7 degrees of sensitivity to detect wetness. Volume control and sounds can be adjusted with the use of control panel. It consumes minimum battery power and in no way is attached to user’s body. It works with accuracy and fast response rate. Along with this Dr. Saige of Therapee uses an online consultation program to diagnose the patients and weekly updates are noted to track the progress. A virtual chart is provided to keep track of dry nights.

A virtual therapist will address the reinforcements to patients and series are video clips are provided explaining the routine to be followed by the user. Thousands of patients have overcome bedwetting with Therapee program in different countries. Since it is an online consultation program, the patient can confide to the therapist in the comfort of their home and under parental guidance. Therapee reviews are unbiased and users can spread the good word through social platforms. Bedwetting is to be treated with care and support of family. The program not only helps kids but also adults to overcome this issue.

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