Friday, October 14, 2016

Therapee reviews - Awake up with Therapee Bedwetting Alarm

Bed wetting is a critical problem faced by many parents of the toddlers. It is not just a simple problem of the inability to control urine. It holds a deep psychological impact on the children. Bed wetting, sometimes is portrayed as a sin by many parents.  Many were treated harsh or blamed for not realizing to get up and reach bathroom to urinate. But these results in a negative impact on the children, which can become a root cause for the psychological problem like low self-esteem. Children feel embarrassed to look at their parents when they realize that they were in their own urine… again. To prevent children from getting ashamed and from losing their self-esteem, it is better to seek help before it is too late.

Therapee, is successfully providing high tech software alarms to aid this problem. It is a current successful program which has helped many parents and children, whose were mentally tormented by this bedwetting problem. It is a combination of set of videos to instruct about the protocol of the program, alarm system, and a virtual chart to track the progress of the child. A thorough analysis of the child’s mannerism is made before customizing a special program for the each child when they are enrolled in Therapee reviews program. The children in the age group of 4-18 are the main patients who under take this alarm system.

Alarm System

The alarm system is programmed to buzz immediately when it senses moisture in the bed. The sudden buzzing of the alarm will stop their urination. The alarm also aids the parents to wake up their kid and take them to the toilet to empty their bladder. This daily routine for around 3-4 months will help the children register in their deep subconscious mind to wake up from their sleep and seek toilet to urinate.

Other Facilities

The child is provided with counseling with the psychologist, who helps them to come out of their awkwardness and embarrassment. This prevents them from harboring dark scars due to this problem.  Along with the alarm system, the children are even taught exercises to strength their bladder muscles for better control of the urination. The set of pre-recorded videos provide the users with better understanding to handle the problem. The progress and development of the child are recorded at every step, which helps to study the child’s psychology and help in strategizing better, to achieve the goal. Your every question can find their answer in the FAQs, which are a part of the treatment.
As no medications are introduced in this program, it is considered safe. It is just psychologically programming the children to realize their sense to urinate. The Therapee reviews suggest that it is a very efficient treatment, which has proved beneficial and has fulfilled its promise to cease bed-wetting and help children to use the toilet. Contact for Therapee to provide your child a better sleep.

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