Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Perfect Therapee reviews And Bedwetting Solutions By The Professionals

It is frustrating for parents of children in age group 3 and upwards to find their offspring get up in the morning, soaked and stinking in urine. While some admonish the kid for not trying hard enough to tackle the issue and make him feel guilty, others grope in the dark to find a way out. It is psychologically distressing for the kid as well which results in low self-esteem. One of the gravest mistake which is done by parents or person, who is taking care of elders, is to wake them at odd hours, knowing the frequency and accompanying them or forcing them to use the rest room, so as to ensure they do not wet their clothes and bed.

The ‘wet’ problem:

Medically known as enuresis, bed wetting can be due to poor control over bladder, urinary tract infection, allergies, sleep disorders, diabetics or simply genetic reasons. It is more prevalent in boys than girls of similar age.

About Therapee

Dr.Jacob Sagie, a US based certified family Psychotherapisthas come up with a unique solution to bed wetting problem with vast clinical experience of treating more than 30,000 patients combined with research. Therapee is a combination of an advanced alarm and a web based interactive software to combat bed wetting problem in children in the age group 4-18 and is customized to suit individual needs.
Factors such as gender, age, frequency and control during day time are considered:

Being the pioneer in the field, Dr.Sagie has established and has been successfully running enuresis clinic in Israel, China, USA, Canada and has presented his research papers at major international fora

Methodology at Therapee

Once an order is placed, an activation code is provided that gives access to a virtual chart displaying the child’s progress and motivational sessions. First time users gets to see presentation of a therapist through video clips to acquaint the parents and the child with the treatment. The youngster is taught exercises to strengthen sphincter muscle and increase bladder capacity. The buzzer which uses a closed electrical circuit is activated the moment first drop of urine is released. The patient has the option to choose from 3 models, i.e., body connected buzzer, wireless buzzer and bell and pad type. The alarm advised to be used for not more than 5-6 months, subconsciously conditions the reflex system to wake up as soon as bed wetting starts. As part of monitoring the progress made, on line follow up consultation with the therapist is provided bi-weekly. They are also open to consultation via phone or email. Thus Therapee reviews offers personalized care at the comfort of one’s home at affordable cost, says million reviews. The results are there to be seen within the first 3 to 5 months. Success rate for this treatment is also astonishingly very high.

This can also result in avoidance of buying ongoing basis, diapers for youngsters or for any one concerned and helps in saving a lot of money, which can be channeled back to other required resources.

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