Monday, July 11, 2016

Online Therapee reviews and Bedwetting Treatments By Dr. Sagie!

Dr. Jacob Sagie is a famous doctor in the field of enuresis or bedwetting. Since 1984, he has treated over 30,000 patients of ages 4 to 35 years, globally. He is a specialized in the Psychophysiology of Enuresis (Bedwetting), He is the founder and CEO of numerous enuresis clinics worldwide. He is also established the Enuresis Clinic at Schneider Children’s Medical Center, in Israel, another establishment of Dr. Sagie’s is the Shanghai Children’s Medical Center or SCMC, in China.

Dr. Sagie has conducted an inclusive research study on 257 patients for the dilemma of enuresis which has covered more than 4,800 episodes through the research of enuresis. The treatment was done through the bedwetting alarm machine. The research has been proved the relationship of enuresis with sleep and was also represented with pride at the International Scientific Conference of the European Sleep Society. With his tremendous efforts and extravagant knowledge he has developed a unique and fabulous treatment model for enuresis. With the help of this model he succeeded treating patients within 3 to 5 months. The success rate of this model is over 90%. He has also written a book titled, “Hooray I'm dry” through he provides bed wetting treatment and toiletry solutions.
Dr. Sagie treats his enuresis patients with various kinds of therapee and bedwetting alarm machines through the patients gets trained for retention control, the continuous practice make the patient success in controlling urine. Through the exercises, the bladder and muscles get stronger that holdback urination, explains Dr. Sagie.

The device bedwetting alarms are considered successful solution to treat the problem bed-wetting. According to the Dr. Sagie’s enuresis research, the moisture alarms is a one of the successful bed wetting treatments which helped many patients stay dry throughout the night. With the help of supportive family the patient rid off the problem of enuresis. This device is considered as a long-term success and lesser relapse than enuresis medications.

He has also been invited as a guest volunteer at various academic institutions as well as for general practitioners, pediatricians, psychologists, mental health practitioners, senior nurses, teachers, social workers, and parents globally, including the Far East, Africa, and Asia. Frequently, he is being invited for interviews on local television and national, newspapers and radio.

Dr. Sagie provides online therapee sessions for their long distant patients through he treats his patients with certain therapee, and self-exercises. These sessions are designed for 4 to 18 years.  Through his online portal, on the behalf of patients’ medical history and condition he designs therapee treatments accordingly. His comprehensive efforts of treating their patients through the web program, he becomes able to gain more positive therapee reviews online.

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